Foreign Embassies in Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a charming English nation, located in between the two French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. The island is the largest of the Windward Islands and has remained seemingly unspoiled by human activities and encroachment by a booming tourist industry. Dominica has fostered close and friendly relations with a number of international countries, many of which have established consulates and embassies in Dominica. The presence of these embassies and consulates is a direct indicator of the countries good bilateral relationship with many foreign nations and the desire to maintain these relationships.

Consulates and embassies in Dominica are housed in beautiful buildings in different areas in the capital Roseau or communities on the outskirts of the capital in high scale residential areas such as Morne Daniel. Though consulates and embassies in Dominica are very similar in their main objective, to establish peaceful relations, they are entirely two separate entities. An embassy of Dominica is a representative office for a country and is more likely to be found in the capital. The ambassador normally works and resides at the embassy in Dominica. As head of the embassy in Dominica, the ambassador is an emissary between head of state working to promote peaceful agreements and acts as an official government representative. An ambassador is given full diplomatic immunity.

Unlike an embassy in Dominica, a consulate does not have the power to negotiate diplomatically and can have any number of offices in a country with the permission of their home country. The role of the consul is to protect and assist citizens of the consul’s own country. The employees of a consulate in Dominica are not allowed diplomatic immunity although they may act much like an ambassador for their nations. Both the consulate and the embassy in Dominica contain useful information on their host country and participate in activities which are intended to promote cultural exchanges and amicable relations between the home and Dominica.

Some of the consulates and embassies in Dominica include those of governments of Spanish speaking countries like Cuba and Venezuela have over the years established very friendly, supportive relationship with the Commonwealth of Dominica. Cuba in particular has for at least the past two decades provided a lot of educational and medical support to Dominica through technical assistance and scholarships.

The Cuban Government has offered scholarships to Dominican students in a number of fields including Medicine, Psychology and Agriculture. The Cuban Embassy is located in Morne Daniel and the Cuban Ambassador Osvaldo Cobacho and can be contacted at 767-449-0727. The Venezuelan Embassy, located in the city’s capital, has been offering free Spanish classes for a number of years, in order to further strengthen the ties with the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Ambassador Carmen Martinez de Grijalva is well known throughout the island for her efforts and participation in nation building and transmission of Spanish culture. The embassy is situated across from the Dominica Police Station and the telephone contact is 767- 448-3348.

One of the main objectives of embassies in Dominica is the establishment of bilateral ties is in the long term interest of two countries and their peoples. The government of Dominica through such ties with the Chinese government, for example, hopes that by setting up a Chinese embassy in Dominica, the two countries can strengthen local technical cooperation in fields such as agriculture, food processing, and tourism. The Ambassador Deng Boqing was appointed on the 24th of January 2007 and has since been involved in a number of projects geared towards fostering economic development in Dominica. The Chinese Embassy in Dominica is located in Morne Daniel and can be contacted via telephone at 767 449-0080 or 767 449-0058

As of May 2009, the consulates, diplomatic representatives and embassies in Dominica are as follows:

  • Costa Rican Embassy
  • The French no longer has a French Consulate in Dominica but have a representative on island.
    • Victoria Street, Roseau: 767-448-0508
  • Dutch Consulate Consul: Anthony Astaphan
    • Law offices of Anthony Astaphan, King George V Street, Roseau: :767-448-3221
  • Sweden Honorary Consul : Gerry Aird
    • H. H. V. Whitchurch, Old Street, Roseau: 767-448-2181
  • Royal Norwegian Consulate - Dr. Gerald Grell
    • Fort Lane, Roseau: 767-449-8300.
  • The Cuban Embassy: Osvaldo Cobacho
    • Morne Daniel, Canefield: 767-449-0727.
  • The Venezuelan Embassy
    • Roseau: 767- 448-3348

Dominica has diplomatic relations with Commonwealth countries such as Britain, the United States and Canada. The countries however do not have offices or embassies in Dominica. Their embassies are based in Barbados and Trinidad (Canada) from where countries within the English speaking Caribbean are served. As a commonwealth state, Dominica follows the rule that all Commonwealth countries representatives will call their offices a High Commission. Consulates and embassies in Dominica are an integral part of foreign relations, since they serve as links between the visiting and Dominica.


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