Dominica Immigration Requirements

Traveling to Dominica is relatively easy. Entry requirements for Dominica are strict and comply with international travel laws. Except for countries within the CARICOM, Commonwealth and with which special travel arrangements were agreed upon for less restrictive entry requirements for Dominica, nationals of other countries are to travel to Dominica in accordance with the set rules for documentation and visas.

Travel to Dominica increased with the development of tourism, political ties and economic relations with other countries. This meant that the necessary laws regarding entry requirements for Dominica, immigration laws and infrastructure at ports of entry were reviewed and strengthened. The tourism sector in particular contributed significantly to visitor arrival and required that surveillance and maritime measures be implemented. Some of these measures included entry requirements for Dominica for yachts, fishing vessels, cargo boats and cruise ships entering Dominican waters. More economic relations translate into increased imports and exports of goods as well as the establishment of Dominica entry requirements for imported commodities.

Dominica travel is a major concern for government officials and promotion agencies in the country. Promoting Dominica as an ecotourism destination, with almost 60% of the island still encompassed by dense tropical rainforest, attracts visitors from all over the world. Dominica does not have an international airport; however Dominica has two main airports- Canefield Airport and the Melville Hall Airport, which is undergoing major upgrading that is very near completion. Dominica travel via the Melville Hall Airport will now permit night landing and landing by larger carriers.

Like in any other country, visitors to the Commonwealth of Dominica have certain entry regulations they must adhere to before entry into the island is permitted. Dominica entry requirements are as follows:

A valid passport except for:

  • Nationals of Dominica holding a birth certificate and picture ID
  • Members of CARICOM or OECS states holding a driver’s license, voter’s registration card, social security card or national identity card issued to nationals of the following countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, ST Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Canadian citizens can show documents with picture ID certifying proof of citizenship of Canada
  • French Nationals can stay for up to two weeks by presenting a valid identification card
  • Valid return ticket
  • Visa is required by law for anybody staying on island for more than 3 weeks; however visitors who intend to stay for 21 days or less do not require a visa.

Under the following provisions individuals and their accompanying family or relatives do not require a visa as a Dominica entry requirement:

  • Nationals of Dominica
  • Holders of British passports ( they can stay on island for at least six months visa free)
  • Holders of Chinese Taipei documents
  • Tourists and transit passengers (provided that they have a return ticket for a stay of maximum 21 days)
  • Alien residents holding valid residence permit of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Holders of consular, diplomatic, official, service or special passports provided being accredited to Dominica.

All visitors must have sufficient funds to sustain themselves for the intended length of time, must provide a real physical local address. All exiting passengers 912 and over) must pay the departure tax and this applies to both local and non-locals.

Once a traveler has all the necessary documents as indicated for Dominica entry requirements, the immigration officer reviews the documents and makes a decision based on the information provided. The Government of Dominica advises that travelers obtain all necessary entry requirements for Dominica prior to travel. There are also a few guidelines and procedures that visitors must be aware of to facilitate entry into Dominica:

  • In an effort to prevent international child abduction any passenger travelling with a child requires documentary evidence of the relationship to the person travelling with the child and permission from the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian if not present.
  • The government strongly recommends that all visitors obtain comprehensive travel and medical insurance, which includes medical evacuation by air ambulance prior to travel.
  • Severe punishments are made for all drug offences. Passengers are advised to pack all luggage themselves and not to carry anything through customs for anyone.
  • It is an offence in Dominica for anyone including children to dress in camouflage clothing.
  • There is no vaccination required except for individuals coming from countries that are infected with yellow fever. In such a case the individual must present a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

Dominica entry requirements provide for uncomplicated but strict access to the island. Dominica is a nature lover’s dream. The island’s people are friendly and welcome all visitors with open arms. Rated 4th Happiest People in the world by a British Think Tank Organization, Dominica can boast a people full of warmth and kindness. It is a lovely place to live, vacation or even work. Once all Dominica entry requirements are met, visitors are warmly welcomed.


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