Dominica Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations are important to Dominica. Dominica is a beautiful country but cannot exist isolated from other countries. Through diplomatic relations Dominica is able to pursue its economic and social interests and help improve the quality of life of its people. By having established healthy diplomatic relations Dominica can access resources such as funding and technical assistance for education and development projects.

Many times it’s only through diplomatic relations that Dominica is able to resolve certain problems. For example after a major hurricane or storm, the destruction caused is overwhelming and the government may be incapable of fully restoring infrastructure without additional funding from international organisations and diplomatic relations Dominica has with other countries.

Due to the diplomatic relations Dominica has with developed countries, many scholarships are granted to the citizens of Dominica on a yearly basis. As a result of the diplomatic relations Dominica has established with countries such as China, the United States, England, Venezuela, Australia and Cuba, hundreds of Dominica go off to university to pursue college degrees on partial or full scholarships.

For Dominica diplomatic relations are necessary for trade since the country depends on international markets for the sale of its exported commodities. For instance, Dominica’s economy has moved towards the provision of financial services and tourism, but banana production continues to be a significant income earner.

Dominica continues to establish diplomatic relations with many countries and as a result of this relationship, some of the honorary consulates and embassies in Dominica:

  • The Chinese Embassy
  • Cuban Embassy
  • Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Sweden Honorary Consul
  • Honorary Royal Norwegian Consulate
  • Honorary Dutch Consulate of the Netherlands
  • Honorary Consulate of Belgium

Embassies are an important part of foreign relations, since they serve as a contact point between the visiting and host nation. Through the embassies in Dominica, the island is able to strengthen ties and ensure long term cooperation with other countries.

In building its diplomatic relations Dominica belongs to a number of regional and international organizations. Firstly the island is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, hence the name The Commonwealth of Dominica. Dominica has been a member of the Commonwealth of Nations since 1978. All countries within the Commonwealth of Nations (except Mozambique) have historical links with Britain. By maintaining its diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth, Dominica is committed to the principles of democracy, human rights, sustainable economic and social development among friendly nations.

Dominica’s diplomatic relations with Britain were initiated as soon as independence was gained but at present there is not British High Commission in Dominica. However there is a local representative who acts on behalf of the British High Commissioner based at the British High Commission in Barbados. A High Commission is the embassy of one country of the British Commonwealth of Nations based in another Commonwealth country.

Dominica diplomatic relations are established with most countries in the Caribbean. Dominica is a member state of CARICOM and the OECS. CARICOM, short for Caribbean Community and Common Market, concentrates on promoting and integrating the economies of member states. Through diplomatic relations, Dominica and the governments of CARICOM states seek to promote tariff free movement of goods, services and visa free travel for members throughout the entire CARICOM region through the Caribbean Single Market Economy, CSME.

As a member of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States or OECS which consists of seven member states, by having friendly and diplomatic relations Dominica and other OECS countries are dedicated to economic integration, protection of human and legal rights and the encouragement of good governance in member states. The OECS states, all with which Dominica diplomatic relations are formed are past or present British Dependencies. Member states of the OECS share a common currency the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), a central bank and a Judiciary.

Diplomatic relations Dominica has established with countries throughout Europe, Africa and in the UN are based on protecting common goals and interests for development. The United Nations or the UN is a global organization of governments facilitating cooperation in international law, security, economic development, social progress, human rights issues and social equity. Through diplomatic relations Dominica has become an active member of the United Nations and has pledged to meet the goals of the UN:

  • To develop friendly relations
  • Cooperate in solving international, economic, cultural, social and humanitarian problems.
  • Promote the respect for human rights

In its thrust to establish good diplomatic relations Dominica became a member of the Organization of American States/OAS, for which an office was setup on island in 1979. Due to strong diplomatic relations Dominica has been grateful for the organization’s resilient efforts to grant economic assistance to Dominica and Dominican citizens. The OAS is has made great strides in building diplomatic relations with Dominica and other countries of the Americas and has proven its ability to look beyond boundaries when it comes to helping countries to become better equipped to overcome adverse economic and social conditions. The OAS is a multilateral forum for strengthening democracy, promoting human rights, and confronting shared problems such as: poverty, terrorism, illegal drugs and corruption. The OAS has four official languages; French, Spanish, Portuguese and English, reflecting the rich diversity of OAS states.

Through diplomatic relations Dominica has built strong cultural, social and political bonds with many countries. Dominica diplomatic relations and association with renowned organizations has been able to foster ties and cultural integration among states and become a stronger independent country as well.


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