Citizenship by Investment Program

The Dominica citizenship by investment program which got off the ground in 1991 is still on stream and over the years have a favorable number of persons have become citizens of Dominica. The Dominica citizenship by investment program involves the applicant(s) making a contribution towards the economy of the country and this is non refundable. The Dominica economic citizenship programs give individuals who do not qualify for Dominica citizenship through birth, marriage or parentage the opportunity to become citizens of the Caribbean island.

There are two investment options for persons who are considering the Dominica citizenship by investment program; one option which is suitable for families and the other for single persons. The family option will include the applicant, a spouse and two children below the age of eighteen (18). The family of four investment option costs US$200,000. A single individual applying to the program is required to pay US$100,000.

The requirements for Dominica citizenship by investment must be followed carefully when applying for Dominica second citizenship. There are many agents on the island including very reputable law offices who work on Dominica second citizenship on behalf of clients. The law requires that all applicants or the individual making the investment must be over the age of twenty one (21) ad of sound character. Knowledge of English is important and all applicants to the program must be represented b a local agent. The documents which are submitted as part of application to the Dominica economic citizenship program must be in English. A letter written by the applicant t to the government minister responsible for Dominica citizenship by investment program is one of the first steps n the program

Further requirements for the Dominica Citizenship b investment program are listed below.

  • A complete application form for each person entering the program( minors included) which is known as the Form 12
  • Personal references for all persons above the age of 18 from an individual who has known he applicants(s) for five (5) years or more
  • References for minors should come from an educational institution
  • Professional reference for the main investor
  • Letter of employment. Self employed investors must show financial statement of business
  • Declare source of funds
  • Marriage or divorce certificates
  • Medical records
  • Police certificate of character for persons over the age of 16
  • Birth certificates
  • Passport sized photos
  • Copies of university certificates or similar

Adults must sign the application form for minors under the age of 16 and any other document which requires signing. The process to obtain second citizenship in Dominica can take at least two months and at some point applicants will have to visit the country where they will take part in an interview with immigration officials. Successful applicants become citizens of Dominica and can apply for a Dominica passport.


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