Dominica Embassies on Foreign Soil

Embassies of Dominica abroad are important for establishing physical presence in countries where the island has interests. Over the years Dominica has developed close and friendly ties with a number of countries globally. Embassies of Dominica abroad are evidence of the Dominica’s relationship with the country as well as the importance Dominica places in establishing diplomatic relations. There are a number of overseas embassies of Dominica. One of the main roles of an embassy of Dominica abroad is to protect and provide assistance to its citizens in that country and other countries located nearby where citizens of Dominica possibly reside. Assistance can always be obtained from an embassy in a foreign country of there is not an embassy of Dominica in the country of domicile. Dominica embassies overseas provide a life line to Dominican citizens in foreign countries and assistance in the event that medical, financial and legal difficulties are encountered.

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In an effort to establish deeper diplomatic relations with the Commonwealth of Dominica and representation of Dominica on foreign soil, Dominica embassies are established in many countries.


United States of America

Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica

3216 New Mexico NW


Tel: 1 202 364 6781/9

Fax: 202 364 6791


Charge D’Affaires: Judith Anne Rolle

Republic of Cuba

Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Calle 36 # 507

Entre 5ta Ave y 7ma

Miramar, Havanna

Tel: 537 214 1096

Fax: 537 215 1097

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary: His Excellency Clarkson Thomas

People’s Republic of China

Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica

LA o6 Liangmaqiao

Diplomatic Residence Compound

No.22 Dongfangdong Road


Tel: 010 653 208 38

Fax: 010 658 208 48

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary: His Excellency David Hsiu


Embassies of the Eastern Caribbean States and Mission to the European communities

42 Rue de Livourne

1050 Brussels

Tel: 011 02 534 2611

011 322 534 2611

Fax: 011 322 539 4009


The member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations do not exchange Ambassadors but instead use the office of the High Commissioner between member countries. As a commonwealth nation Dominica is represented overseas in other Commonwealth Countries:


High Commission for the Countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

130 Albert Street

Suite 700


Ontario, K1 P5 G4

Tel: 1 613 236 8952

Fax: 1 613 236 6042


High Commissioner: His Excellency Brendon Browne

United Kingdom

Dominica High Commission

1 Collingham Gardens

London SW5 OHW

Tel: 011 44 207 370 5194

Fax: 011 44 207 372 8743


Acting High Commissioner: Agnes Adonis


United States of America Consulate of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Suite 400 H

800 Second Avenue

New York N.Y. 10017

Tel: 212 949 0853/4

212 599 8478

Fax: 212 661 0979


Vice Consul: Miss Zilpha Theodore

Because of Dominica’s close proximity to the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe there is an Honorary Consulate of Dominica in Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe and another in Fort De France, Martinique. The Consul for both consulates is Catharina Cherdieu D’Alexis, she lives in Guadeloupe and can be contacted at 0590 82 01 57.

Dominica is a member of some well renowned international organizations; the island, through the mission of these organizations has been given representation:


Permanent Mission of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Suite 400

800 Second Avenue

New York N.Y. 10017

Tel: 212 599 8478

Fax: 212 661 0979

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative:

His Excellency Crispin Gregoire

Permanent Delegation of the Commonwealth of Dominica to UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC and CULTURAL ORGANISATION (UNESCO)

22 Rue Saint Augustin

F 75002 Paris


Tel: 33 1 4007 5000

Fax: 33 1 4266 0019


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Secretary: His Excellency Eric Torner


Embassy of the Commonwealth of Dominica

3216 New Mexico N.W.

Washington DC 20016

United States of America

Tel: 202 364 6781/9

202 364 6790

Fax: 202 364 6791

Charge D’ Affaires: Judith Anne Rolle

Although Dominica has very close ties with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela there is no physical embassy of Dominica in Venezuela. Any information requested by Dominican citizens in Venezuela has to be directed to the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Labour. The Dominican Ambassador responsible for Dominican foreign relations in Venezuela is Dr. Philbert Aaron.

These overseas consulates and embassies of Dominica have further strengthened good relations with foreign countries and are responsible for representing the home country abroad when handling major diplomatic issues. Unexpected difficulties do happen unfortunately to citizens abroad and an embassy or consulate is the best way for citizens to ensure their rights and privileges are not infringed upon.


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